Scalable Carbon Dioxide Removal
for a Safe Climate
Pioneering Sustainability Across Industries, At OceanLux CCU, we're driving innovation in Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) technologies to reshape the future of multiple industries to empower your journey towards a greener and more profitable tomorrow... Our cutting-edge solutions are tailored to the unique challenges of each sector, ensuring efficient emissions reduction and cost-effectiveness. We believe that environmental responsibility shouldn't come at the expense of profitability. With OceanLux CCU, you can navigate a path that balances sustainability, efficiency, and profitability, fostering a brighter future for all industries.

About OceanLux

About OceanLux CCU: At OceanLux, our journey was ignited by a profound vision: to reshape industries with a harmonious blend of progress and environmental preservation. Our foundation comprises a passionate team of mariners, engineers, and environmental advocates who share the belief that innovation holds the key to addressing global climate challenges.

Our roots are embedded in the maritime world, where we comprehend the intricate dance between ships, oceans, and emissions. Acknowledging the pressing need to reduce carbon footprints and align with IMO guidelines, we embarked on a mission to pioneer a technology that captures CO2 from ship funnel exhausts without compromising the marine ecosystems we hold dear.

OceanLux leads the charge in revolutionizing carbon capture for the oil and gas sector. Our Marine Alignment CCU technology seamlessly integrates with offshore platforms and rigs, revolutionizing emissions capture while preserving the delicate marine ecosystem. Our seasoned team, steeped in maritime expertise, is wholeheartedly committed to aiding the oil and gas industry in diminishing its carbon footprint. With Marine Alignment CCU, you can fortify environmental responsibility, achieve emissions reduction goals, and chart a sustainable and lucrative path forward.

OceanLux stands as a trailblazer in transforming cement and steel production through our pioneering “Mineral Carbon Capture” technology. We've harnessed the inherent power of natural resources to cost-effectively capture and transform emissions. Our unwavering dedication centers on diminishing the carbon footprint of these industries while upholding operational efficiency and profitability. With our innovative solution, cement and steel enterprises can curtail operational costs, meet stringent environmental standards, and actively contribute to a greener future."

Ocean Aliment

Ocean Aliment Carbon Capture is a cutting-edge approach to combating climate change by harnessing the power of the ocean's natural ecosystems. This innovative method enhances the growth of marine plants and algae, which act as nature's carbon capturers, pulling CO2 from the atmosphere and storing it in the deep ocean. By promoting the proliferation of phytoplankton and other marine life, Ocean Aliment Carbon Capture actively reduces greenhouse gas levels while fortifying ocean ecosystems.

Our technology integrates seamlessly with existing marine environments, minimizing disruption and preserving biodiversity. It's a sustainable and cost-effective solution with immense potential to mitigate carbon emissions and protect our oceans. Ocean Aliment Carbon Capture represents a harmonious balance between technological innovation and environmental conservation, making it a vital player in the fight against climate change.

Marine Fleets

Containt for CCU from ship: OceanLux plays a crucial role in Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) for ships by efficiently capturing CO2 emissions from their exhaust systems. This eco-friendly solution aligns with International Maritime Organization (IMO) guidelines and is compatible with post-2011 ship manufacturers. Not only does it promote environmental responsibility, but it also safeguards marine ecosystems by neutralizing and transforming CO2 into harmless compounds. By ensuring stricter IMO compliance and setting new industry standards, OceanLux leads the way in responsible carbon capture technology for a greener maritime future.

Oil & Gas Industries

CCU from offshore rigs and plateform: OceanLux extends its carbon capture expertise to oil rigs and offshore platforms, providing customized solutions for efficient CO2 capture. By integrating OceanLux's technology, emissions from these facilities are captured at the source, reducing their carbon footprint and ensuring regulatory compliance. This commitment to environmental stewardship safeguards marine ecosystems while aligning with sustainability goals. Moreover, OceanLux's solutions can offer economic benefits by repurposing or selling captured CO2. Continual innovation ensures their technology remains cutting-edge in offshore carbon capture.

Cement & Steel Industries

CCU for Cement industries: OceanLux's advanced carbon capture technology is a game-changer for cement industries. It enhances the efficiency of capturing and storing CO2 emissions, helping cement manufacturers significantly reduce their carbon footprint. By adopting OceanLux's solutions, cement companies can align with environmental regulations, promote sustainability, and explore repurposing captured CO2, all while potentially achieving cost savings. This innovation underscores OceanLux's commitment to fostering responsible and efficient carbon capture practices within the cement sector.

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